You invested the time to identify the perfect candidate and now it’s time to make an official offer. Comeet helps you generate the offer letter, share the offer internally to obtain approvals and finally, send it to the candidate for easy signing with an electronic signature.

Configuring the Offer Letter at the Position Level

To make offer letters a step in your recruiting process, you need to add an Offer step to the position workflow:

  1. Navigate to the position workflow – Select a position > Workflow tab.

  2. Add a step by clicking on the + icon or edit an existing step.

  3. Change the step type to: Offer.

  4. Specify the participants who will be responsible for generating the offer letter, gaining approval internally and obtaining required signatures. Keep in mind that the offer details will be visible to them. The recruiter or recruiting coordinator are typically responsible for this process.

  5. You can also select an offer letter template and an approval process. You can leave these values blank and leave this decision to the person who generates the offer for a candidate.

Note: Offer approvers don’t need to be added to the Offer step as participants.

For more detailed instructions on creating Offer templates:

Generate Offer Letter for a Candidate

When a candidate reaches the offer step Comeet helps you generate an offer letter for the candidate based on an offer letter Template already created in Comeet (for more details on Offer Letter Templates click here). To generate an offer letter:

  1. Select the Offer Letter Template to be used for the offer.

  2. Enter Offer details. These details will be visible to teammates who can see salary details.

  3. Click Generate.

To see how the process works in the system:

Obtain Offer Letter Approval

After you generated the offer letter you can send it for approval within the company:

  1. Within the Offer step, select the Approve tab.

  2. Select Approval Process.

  3. Add a note for the approvers.

  4. Click Send for approval. An approval request will be sent by email to the teammates assigned to the first approval step. Once approved by the approvers in the first approval step, Comeet will manage the process to obtain the number of approvals required in each subsequent approval step until the offer is approved.

Note: If an approver does not approve the offer letter then the process stops and the participants in the step are notified that further action is needed.

For more detailed instructions on the approval process setup:

Send for E-Signature

When the offer is approved you can send the offer letter to the candidate for their e-signature:

  1. Specify who will sign on behalf of the company. This option is shown when the company signature attribute is included in the offer template (to learn more about editing templates and attributes click here). The designated person will receive a notification to sign the document after the candidate has signed.

  2. Edit the message to the candidate to personalize it. If necessary, you can add documents and links that the candidate should receive with the offer.

  3. Click Send.

The candidate will receive this email message and can reply to the sender. In addition they will receive a separate email message inviting them to sign the offer letter. The sender will be notified when the candidate signs and when the company representative signs.

Download the Offer

Once the offer is signed, clicking on the offer step in the candidate card will show the date of signing and allow you to download the signed offer. This e-signed PDF file is legally binding and can be used if you ever need to legally enforce this document.

To see how the E-signature and Download steps work in the system:

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