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Save time by automatically generating offer letters to candidates based on your company’s offer letter templates or employment agreements.

Prepare Your Offer Letter Template

  1. Visit Company settings > Offer letters > Offer templates.

  2. Open your template in your preferred document editor (ie. MS Word or Google Docs).

  3. Replace placeholders (such as candidates name, salary, position, etc…) in your template with attributes that will be automatically replaced when generating the offer for a specific candidate. In Comeet, click on an attribute you’d like to use to copy it to the clipboard and then switch to your document editor and paste it in your template.

Offer Letter Attributes

You can use the following attributes:

  • Candidate signature – you MUST specify where the candidate needs to sign using the {{candidate-signature}} attribute.

  • Company signature – you can include this attribute to specify that the document must be signed by a designated person in the company (indicate who needs to sign when sending the offer for signing).

  • Candidate and position details.

  • Offer details – add custom attributes as needed, see below.

  • Text field for the candidate to fill in when signing the offer – use the {t:employee} attribute.

Example: To see an example of using dynamic attributes download this document.

Adding Custom Attributes

Custom attributes allow you to create offer templates that reflect the details of the offer, such as: Annual Salary, Commission, Equity and so on. These will be filled in when generating an offer letter for a candidate.

  1. Click Add attribute at the bottom of the list of attributes.

  2. Enter the attribute name. Note: You do not have to put the curly brackets around the attribute name, they will be added automatically.

  3. Select the attribute type: Free form or text Dropdown. You can add the list of options for the dropdown

    4. Click Add and you are all set!

Note: You can always go back and edit or delete custom attributes. These changes do not affect offer letters that have already been generated.

Upload Offer Template

After finalizing a template in your document editor, upload it to Comeet.

  1. Save your offer letter template in a DOCX format. Click Upload new template to add it to Comeet.

  2. Ensure all the attributes included in your offer template were identified properly. To see the list of attributes hover your cursor over the number of attributes found.

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