• The Apply With LinkedIn integration is included with all plans.

  • The LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC) integration is included in the Comeet Enterprise plan. Learn more

Permissions & roles:

Integration management requires the following roles:

Once configured, all Comeet users can enjoy the benefits of the integration.

Supported browsers: LinkedIn RSC isn't supported on Safari, please see this page from LinkedIn for reference.

Comeet offers the following LinkedIn integrations:

  1. LinkedIn Limited Listings – post your job openings on LinkedIn so job seekers can find them and apply. A contract with LinkedIn is not required for this integration. For more information about posting jobs on LinkedIn see this article.

  2. Apply package: Apply with LinkedIn– allow candidates to apply to jobs on your careers website faster by clicking on Apply with LinkedIn to submit their full LinkedIn profile. The Apply With LinkedIn integration is available for companies with LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn paid Job Slots (it is not available for companies with LinkedIn Recruiter Lite).

  3. Sourcing package: Recruiter System Connect (RSC) – expedite sourcing by allowing recruiters and sourcers to work seamlessly between LinkedIn and Comeet. This integration is available for companies with a LinkedIn Recruiter contract. See this guide to get started.

  4. Reporting package – enable the Source and Hiring Funnel reports on LinkedIn, using data from Comeet. The Sourcing package must be activates to enable the Reporting package.

For more information about the packages see this page from LinkedIn.

Following are all of the articles we've written up for you about these integrations:

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