This functionality is currently being rolled out to customers.

Candidates are most responsive when communicating with them on their phone. You can call candidates or start an SMS or a WhatsApp conversation with candidates directly from Comeet using any communication app that is supported on your desktop or mobile device.

  • Calling and texting (SMS) require a third party app or a browser extension to be installed on your device. See the instructions below for a list of popular apps.

  • SMS and WhatsApp conversations take place outside Comeet and are not logged on the candidate's profile.

  • As a best practice, include the phone's country code when adding or editing the candidate's phone number.

Text (SMS)

Click the phone number on the candidate's profile > select Text (SMS). This will launch the default texting app on your device. A few popular options:


Click the phone number on the candidate's profile > select WhatsApp.

  • On mobile - this will launch the WhatsApp mobile app.

  • On desktop - this will launch WhatsApp Web directly on your browser or the desktop app (for Windows or Mac) if installed on your device.

Phone call

Click the phone number on the candidate's profile > select Call. When selected on mobile, this action will call the candidate's number. On desktop, the default phone app will be launched, here are a few popular options:

  1. Apple - app for Mac, iPhone or iPad - FaceTime

  2. Microsoft - app for a Windows device connected to an Android device - Microsoft Phone Link

  3. Google - connect Google Chrome on Mac and Windows to an Android device - Google Messages

  4. Other - Chrome browser extensions on the Chrome Web Store

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