Comeet helps you promote diversity and comply with your local workplace diversity regulations by adding a demographic questionnaire to your application form. Unlike the regular screening questionnaires, Diversity Surveys are voluntary and not linked to the candidate's profile.

Create a Diversity Survey

  1. Navigate to the Questionnaires section in Comeet settings and click on Add Questionnaire. Then select Diversity Surveys:

Important: if your operation is in the United States and you need to comply with EEOC regulations, please refer to this article.

2. We recommend that you clearly communicate the purpose of the survey, so the candidate understands why you are doing it. You can add a paragraph explaining these details under the survey name:

3. Select if you would like to enable the questionnaire for all locations and positions or selected ones:

And select if the survey should be displayed as part of the application form or as a separate page in application process:

3. Add the questions you decided on (or as required by your local DEI regulations):

Diversity Survey Report

As the Diversity information is collected for statistics and compliance purposes, the Diversity Survey responses will not be displayed in individual candidate cards. The responses will be collected into an exported report, which is available under Export section in Comeet Reports:

Who can access the Diversity Surveys settings and report?

By default only the company Owner can create and manage the Diversity Surveys and export the report with the survey results. Additional permissions can be granted to the Admin role under the Permissions settings:

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