Creating a position from scratch involves a lot of action items. To save your time, create and manage position templates, that can be used as a base to similar positions in future, including the original hiring team and assignees.

Create a position template

Create a position (or use an existing one) to set it as a template for future use.

Next to a position status, use the menu to add the current settings to the list of templates.

Once done, Comeet will indicate that this is a template position. This should be considered when making any changes to the position fields, description, or hiring team, as the changes will be applied to the template as well and affect future positions.

Using a position template

Position template can be accessed when creating a new position:

Information that will be copied from the template into a new position:

  • Position workflow

  • Hiring team - optionally you can choose to copy the original hiring team or to assign new teammates. Whichever your choice is, you can always adjust the hiring team later.

  • Scorecard

  • Agency sources

  • Description

  • Requirements

  • Position fields

Other ways to use a position template

Use the template shortcut from a template position:

Or use a menu to duplicate a template position:

Remove the template

To keep your template list clean and accessible, templates will need to be removed from tome to time, if they are no longer in use. You can do it from here:

Deleting the position from Comeet will permanently remove the template as well.

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