This feature is included in Comeet's Enterprise plan.

Sync your recruiting data from Comeet to connect your own Business Intelligence tool or to keep an updated copy of your recruiting data. This is a great option if you have an internal BI team that you would collaborate with to create your own custom reports and dashboards.

Note: Usage of the programmatic export is subject to the Terms for Programmatic Export.

How it works

Data is pushed every 24 hours to your own storage in a CSV format. Comeet supports exporting the data to an AWS S3 bucket or to any other type of storage that supports SFTP.

Reports included

The following reports can be included:

  • Positions

  • Openings

  • Sources

  • Candidates

  • Current steps

  • Completed steps

  • Hires

  • Evaluations

  • Referral bonus

  • Candidate Experience Survey

  • Teammates

  • Changes to teammates roles

Note: The exported data could include personally identifiable information and details about discreet positions or salary details.

Important: the exported files are displaying time-based data in UTC

Connection details

These are the details that are required for setting up the programmatic export depending on the storage type.


  • Host (the address of the server)

  • Username

  • Password

AWS S3 bucket

  • S3 Bucket host name (eg.

  • S3 Bucket name (eg. ACME-Comeet-recruiting-data)

  • Secret key

  • Access key

Getting started

If you're interested in setting up the programmatic export please contact us at

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