Correct position location settings are significant for publishing the position across various job boards.

Add new location

New location can be added from the Location settings on company level or directly from the position's Description tab as shown below:

1. Location Profile

Under Location Profile please add the following:

  • Location name (free text)

  • Time zone (defaults to the main company setting)

  • Language (if differs from the default)

Office calendar - to be used for interview invites in addition to interviewer's personal calendar; optional setting will allow to notify the calendar about in-person only or all interviews.

2. Regional date and time format

The format can be selected for usage in interview invites and other email templates mentioning dates and time. The format can be customized for specific locations set in your company under Regional format for date & time field.

When sending an interview invite, or using any other email template that contains date and time attributes, Comeet will use the format set in the position location settings. If no location was added to the position, or no special date and time format was selected in location settings, the company default will be used.

The default date and time format is set on the company level. Comeet default for this parameter is English (US) and can be changed by the company Owner or Admin via the Company Settings.

3. Location Address

  • For locations with actual physical address, start typing the address in street address field. Once the address comes up in a suggested dropdown, all other details will be populated automatically. All you will need to add is arrival instructions, which will be used in in-person interview invites.

  • If there is no physical address to the job location or if this is a remote position, please fill the following manually:

    • City and Country fields - mandatory for job board publishing.
      Important: the names of City and Country must be valid names, otherwise the job boards will not post the position associated with this location.

    • We recommend to start typing the City/Country name and select the option suggested in a dropdown to avoid spelling mistakes.

    • For US locations State and Zip are mandatory fields as well.

4. Questionnaires

Add any questionnaire that needs to be associated with this location.

In addition, an EEOC questionnaire can be activated for the location you are adding.

Edit existing location

Navigate to Settings -> Locations and click on the location you would like to update on the list.

Comeet indicates when there is essential information missing from some of the locations. As best practice we recommend to go over the location list and make sure all the information is updated for successful publishing to various job boards:

Delete a location

Navigate to Settings -> Locations and hover over the location on the list. Use X to delete the location.

Important: deleting a location cannot be undone. If you have positions associated with a location you need to delete, we recommend to update the location details with relevant information, such as address, city, country.

Who can manage company locations?

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