This dashboard focuses on a single position, helping you to keep track of its pulse and resolve bottlenecks.

Here are some of the questions that it answers:

  • Do we have a healthy candidate pipeline?

  • Do we have a sufficient number of new candidates every week and which sources provide quality candidates?

  • How much effort are we investing in screening and interviewing and which steps may be slowing us down?

  • Are there candidates that require our immediate attention?

How to use this dashboard?

  1. Open the Position Dashboard

  2. Filter the dashboard to a specific open position:

3. If you'd like to view the status of candidates that were added during a particular timeframe use the Candidate Added Date filter. This is especially useful when reviewing a position that has been open for a long time and has several openings.

Dashboard sections

Position details

Quick overview of the position details, the openings and the number of days the openings have been open.

New Candidates

This section focuses on the top of the pipeline, showing the trend of new candidates by source type and the source performance.

Assess the performance of sources using these metrics:

  • Duplicates % - the percentage of duplicate submissions. The lower the percentage the more effective the source is for submitting unique candidates.

  • Qualified % - the percentage of candidates that passed 1st step out of the candidates that completed the 1st step. The higher the percentage the more relevant the candidates were for the position.

To view a breakdown by source click See all sources.


This section focuses on the hiring activity, showing the trend of steps completed by step type and a detailed view of the steps that were completed in the last 7 days.

Assess the last week activity by focusing on:

  • How many hiring steps were completed.

  • How many days on average it took to complete each step.

  • What was the passthrough rate. This is a percentage of the candidates that passed a step out of the candidates that completed the step.

  • How did our effort change from the previous week.

To view the activity for a longer period of time click See all activity.

Candidate Pipeline

This section focuses on the current status of the candidate pipeline. Use it to learn:

  • How many candidate are in progress at each step.

  • How manny candidates where rejected or withdrew at each step.

  • See the Avg. days in process to learn for how long candidates went through the hiring process, starting from the time of the application until the current date – for candidates in progress – or the date of the final decision – for candidates that withdrew or were rejected.

  • To drill down into the disposition reasons click on the number of Rejected or Withdrawn candidates at the top of the section.

Qualified Candidates

Qualified candidates are candidates who passed at least the first screening step, which is usually a CV screen.

  • Current step status - shows a breakdown of qualified candidates. Candidates in interview steps are shown by: unscheduled, scheduled, interviewed and pending evaluation, and completed and pending a decision whether to proceed with the candidate.

  • List of qualified candidates - shows the list of candidates, highlighting the number of days that a candidate is in process (from application) and the number of days that a candidate is pending in the current step. To take action with a particular candidate, click the candidate name to open the candidate profile.

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