Auto-Scheduling is included in the Ultimate and Enterprise plans.

If you haven't set up Auto-Scheduling for your company, please refer to this guide to get started.

Before inviting your candidate to select an interview time, make sure that the interviewer's and meeting room's settings combination allow available time slots.

How do I know what the candidate will see?

Comeet will indicate if there are currently available time slots for the next 7 days in the interviewer's calendar.

Please keep in mind that the availability the candidate will see will be correct to the same time they click on the link in the email.

No available time slots

Comeet will recognize and indicate if there are no available time slots that can be offered to the candidate.

Why are there no available time slots?

This can happen for one of a few reasons:

  • One of the interviewer's calendar is full.

  • The meeting room calendar is fully booked.

  • There aren't time slots available for all interviewers and one of the meeting rooms.

What can I do?

To provide more availability, consider the following:

  • Check the teammate's settings to make sure they set their available time slots.

  • If a meeting room is required, select more meeting rooms to increase the number of options. Only one meeting room will be reserved for the interview.

  • Free up time on the interviewers calendars.

  • Block time for interviews on the interviewers calendars, learn more about this option.

What happens if there is no free time?

In case the candidate clicks the invitation to select a time but no time options are available, then the candidate will be requested to provide 3 windows of availability. An email message will be sent to you (as the person who invited the candidate to select a time) with the candidate's availability. From there, you can work internally to adjust the interviewers schedule or reply to the candidate to continue the conversation.

One of the calendars is not accessible

A special indication will be shown if one or more of the interviewers or meeting rooms calendar is not accessible for retrieving its availability.

This can happen in case the teammate did not connect their calendar in Comeet or did not activate the available time slots according to these instructions.

Please check the permissions of the interviewer's or meeting room's calendar.

Fix accessibility: Google Calendar

  1. Open the calendar's settings.

  2. Make sure the accessibility settings are set according to these instructions.

Fix accessibility: MS Office 365

  1. Open the calendar's settings.

  2. Make sure the accessibility settings are set according to these instructions.

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