A large part of the hiring process is interviewing the candidates across different stages of the process. It can be challenging to schedule interviews that involve multiple participants and meeting rooms, as well as to navigate through several busy schedules.

The Recruiting Assistant's job is to help the hiring team with this and Comeet offers a few tools that can make the process painless and efficient.

Comeet Scheduling tools

  • How to schedule an interview - an overview of scheduling process in Comeet

  • Interview Scheduling Defaults - Position Steps - allow to define on Position Step level if the Recruiting Assistant's service, Meeting room and/or Zoom links are required for each interview step in the Position workflow

  • Auto-Schedule Interview - allow the candidate to pick the convenient time from the Interviewer's pre-set time slots

  • Provide Candidates with Interview Instructions - set interview expectations with candidates to provide a better candidate experience

Recruiting Assistant Process

Recruiting Assistant is a Position role that needs to be set under the position hiring team settings:

More information on Recruiting Assistant's permissions in Comeet can be found here.

For the interview steps that are defined to be scheduled by Recruiting Assistant, a special task will be created for the teammate with this role:

And allow to schedule the interviews or send the candidate an option to pick the convenient time:

Once done, the candidate's and interviewers' RSVP will be sent to the Recruiting Assistant's email.

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