Auto-Scheduling is included in the Ultimate and Enterprise plans.

If you haven't set up Auto-Scheduling for your company, please refer to this guide to get started.

Comeet's Auto-Scheduling saves (a lot of) time by automating the process of scheduling interviews.

We recommend to create a Scheduling user for Auto-Scheduling and apply all the necessary permissions to this calendar. While Scheduling User is an optional setting, it will serve as a fallback option in case the teammate's calendar does not have all the necessary permissions.

Scheduling User

To get the best out of Auto-Scheduling we recommend to create a dedicated Scheduling User.

Why is a scheduling user needed?

  1. Meeting rooms – Comeet will be able to book, change and cancel meeting room reservations.

  2. Auto-scheduling – Allow candidates to select interview times according to the availability of interviewers and meeting rooms.

Which permissions are required for the scheduling user?

  1. "See all event details" access to interviewers’ calendars

  2. "Make changes to events" access to meeting room calendars

Create the Scheduling User

1. Create a new user

Create a Google user named "Comeet Scheduling." The instructions for creating a new user can be found here.

2. Set up access to interviewers calendars

Comeet reads the interviewers calendars in order to offer candidates available times to choose from.

The default sharing and visibility permission settings in organizations that use Google Calendar is for all of the users in the organization to see the availability and event details of other calendars in the organization. For more information on how to check what your defaults are please see this page.

In case your company uses a different setting, the Scheduling User will need to be given permission to each of the interviewers calendars. The permission can be added from the calendar settings:

Select the permission "See all event details." This permission is required in order to allow interviewers to allocate blocks of times for interviews directly on their calendar. Comeet identifies these time blocks and makes them available to candidates.

3. Set up access to meeting room calendars

Comeet automatically reserves meeting rooms for interviews. To do so, the scheduling user needs to be able to manage events on meeting rooms calendars.

Navigate to the settings page of each meeting room calendar and share the calendar with the Scheduling User.

Select the permission "Make changes to Events." This is required to allow Comeet to create reservations for interviews and update them as needed.

More information on Google Calendar sharing permissions can be found here.

4. Connect the Scheduling User

Once the user is created and the permissions have been set up, the scheduling user needs to be connected through Comeet's settings which are available to users with the Admin or Owner roles. See this page for more details.

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