Auto-Scheduling is included in the Ultimate and Enterprise plans.

Why use Auto-Scheduling?

You'll reach candidates faster

  • Candidates don’t spend time waiting between interviews

  • Allocate time in advance on hiring managers calendars (included in Auto-Scheduling Pro)

You'll build a stronger employer brand

  • Candidates select their own time

  • Candidates can see who they are going to meet

  • Provide instructions and set expectations before the interview

  • Candidate facing pages are mobile friendly and include the company's branding (color and logo)

You'll save (a lot of) time

  • Automate scheduling of 1:1 interviews

  • Automate scheduling of panel interviews (included in Auto-Scheduling Pro)

  • Automate meeting room reservation (included in Auto-Scheduling Pro)

  • Link to Zoom meeting is automatically created and added to invites

Set up Auto-Scheduling

1. Introduce the feature to interviewers

You can use the following template to introduce the feature internally:

Dear colleagues,

Our company is excited to start using the automated scheduling functionality in Comeet. It will allow you to allocate time slots for the interviews with candidates and let candidates pick a convenient interview time by themselves.

Why are we using this feature?

  • We'll create a better candidate experience by letting candidates select their own time.

  • No interview will catch you by surprise — you will fully control the time slots you'd like to allocate for the interviews.

  • We'll save a lot of time by having Comeet find the interview times suitable for everyone's schedule.

  • We'll have a faster hiring process by reducing the time it takes to schedule interviews.

What do you need to do to get started?

  1. Open your personal Scheduling settings.

  2. Turn on your availability and select the time slots you'd like to allocate for interviewing the candidates.

For more details on setting up your Auto-Scheduling preferences, please refer to these instructions: Configure Your Availability for Interviews

2. Customize the invitation message

Once connected, a new email template named "Interview - Invite candidate to select a time" will be added to your Templates page. Please review this template and tweak for your brand's voice. You can also add additional languages that you require beyond English.

3. Limit the future availability of the interviewers

Each interviewer will allocate personal time slots during their working days, but on a company level you can limit how far in the future the candidate can see these time slots.

Comeet default time is 10 business days and it can be adjusted by navigating to Automation settings > Auto Scheduling and selecting a different amount of working days:

4. Connect a Scheduling User (Optional)

We recommend to create a Scheduling user for Auto-Scheduling and apply all the necessary permissions to this calendar. While Scheduling User is an optional setting, it will serve as a fallback option in case the teammate's calendar does not have all the necessary permissions.

Create the Scheduling User

Request your IT team to create a user that is dedicated for scheduling. This user needs to have the following permissions:

  • Read access to interviewers' calendars.

  • Read and Write access to meeting rooms' calendars.

Share with your IT manager our guide for Google Calendar or Microsoft Office 365.

You should receive the credentials for that user, including email and password. The password can be changed after the scheduling user has been connected in Comeet (see next step).

Connect the Scheduling User

  1. In Comeet, navigate to Settings -> Integrations -> Google / Office 365 -> Edit -> Connect scheduling user (requires an Admin or Owner role).

  2. When prompted, enter the email address and password.

Next Steps

  • Start inviting candidates to select the time for their interviews, see our guide.

  • If you haven't yet, check out these additional time saving features included in Auto-Scheduling Pro.

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