Provide a great candidate experience by setting clear expectations with candidates prior to the interview.

Comeet allows you to write interview instructions to candidates and include them in the invitation to the interview that is sent to the candidate. Use the instructions field to tell candidates what to expect at the interview and how to prepare for it.


To enable this option, add the Instructions to candidates attribute to each one of the following templates:

  • Interview scheduled - in-person

  • Interview scheduled - phone

  • Interview scheduled - video

To add the attribute:

  1. Go to Email templates (requires Owner or Admin role).

  2. Select one of the email templates listed above.

  3. Click in the body of the message in the place where you'd like to add the instructions.

  4. Select Insert attribute > Interview > Instructions to candidates.

  5. Click Save.

Providing Instructions

Once the attributes are added as described above, each interview step in the position workflow will include an option to add instructions to candidates.

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