Auto-Scheduling is included in the Ultimate and Enterprise plans.

If you haven't set up Auto-Scheduling for your company, please refer to this guide to get started.

Auto-Scheduling saves time by allowing candidates to select a time for the interview based on the availability of interviewers and meeting rooms.

Follow the following steps to invite a candidate to select a time for an interview using Comeet Auto-Scheduling.

Invite candidate to select a time

1. On an interview step, select Schedule > Invite candidate to select a time.

2. Review the interview settings:

  • Meeting room - If a meeting room is required for the interview, you can select a single or multiple meeting rooms. The candidate will only be presented with times where at least one of the selected meeting rooms is available. When the candidate selects a time, the meeting room will be reserved. Note that meeting room reservation requires Auto-Scheduling Pro.

  • Online meeting - If this is a video meeting, select Add link to invite. A link to a Zoom meeting will be included in the invite to the candidate and the interviewers.
    Note that Zoom meetings are included in the Ultimate and Enterprise plans.

3. Review the message to the candidate before sending.

4. After the message is sent, you will see an indication on the interview step that shows that the candidate was invited to select a time for the interview. Please note, the default time for the link to select the interview time expiration is after 5 days from the moment of sending.

Candidate selects a time

When the candidate clicks on the link in the invitation, they will be prompted to select their preferred time. The times shown are the time slots that are available according to the interviewers and the meeting rooms calendars.

When the candidate confirms the selected time, the interview will be scheduled. That means:

  • The candidate receives an invite with the interview details.

  • Interviewers are notified and invited to the interview.

  • A meeting room is reserved (if specified as required for the interview).

  • The person who invited the candidate to select a time for the interview is notified that the interview is now scheduled.

No suitable time found?

If the candidate can't find a suitable time, they can suggest alternative times by selecting Can't find a suitable time.

The candidate is then prompted to provide a minimum of 3 windows of availability and can add an additional note.

When confirmed, the person who invited the candidate to select a time will receive an email message with the details. They can then schedule the interview in Comeet accordingly.

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