Auto-Scheduling is included in the Ultimate and Enterprise plans.

If you haven't set up Auto-Scheduling for your company, please refer to this guide to get started.

Scheduling interviews can take a lot of time. Comeet's Auto-Scheduling saves you time by letting candidates select suitable times based on your availability. This process makes the hiring process more efficient and helps improve the candidate experience.

Scheduling Preference

Set up your personal preferences to define when you're available for interviews.

1. Navigate to the Scheduling tab in your personal profile and configure these details:

  • Connect to Calendar – Connecting your personal calendar is not required for Auto-Scheduling. When scheduling interviews manually, it allows you to see your own calendar as well as the calendars of your peers.

  • Calendar email – Provide the email address that is associated with your calendar. It will be used to retrieve your calendar availability and send you interview invites.

  • Time zone.

  • First day of the week.

2. Set Maximum time allocated for interviews, daily and weekly. According to your setting, Auto-Scheduling will limit the number of hours that you will dedicate to interviews.

3. Set your preferred Minimum notice time. It's up to you to decide whether to allow candidates to schedule interviews at a short notice, or require a long notice.

Your Availability

Set the windows of time that you'd like to make available for interviews by defining your working hours, blocking time for interviews on your calendar, or combining both methods. In both cases, times will only be made available to candidates if they are free on your calendar.

Weekly working hours

Set your availability time slots for every day of the week by switching the weekly schedule on and selecting the time slots you'd like to dedicate to interviewing.

Block times directly on your calendar

This feature requires Auto-Scheduling Pro.

As calendars tend to get full quickly, it helps to allocate time for interviews in advance to make sure candidates don't need to wait a long time for their interview.

You can block time for interviews in advance by creating an event on your calendar and naming it "Comeet Interviews."

  • Comeet identifies these time blocks as available for interviews (unless they overlap with other events).

  • Consider creating recurring events on your calendar to make sure you always have time allocated for interviews.

  • This is a great option to manage time blocks directly on your calendar, without needing to log in to Comeet.

Combine working hours with time blocks

You can combine both of the methods explained above to manage your availability.

For example, if your working hours schedule in Comeet doesn't include a time slot on Tuesday, but on your Google or Office calendar you created a "Comeet Interviews" event on Tuesday, then the candidate will see an option to select the time on Tuesday that you blocked on your calendar.

Note: Your calendar availability is read in real time when the candidate selects a time for the interview. When there are other events on your calendar that overlap with your working hours or time blocks then the those times are regarded as busy and they are not made available to candidates.

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