Comeet's Auto-Scheduling Pro expands beyond the tools included in Comeet's Auto-Scheduling, allowing you to reach and win candidates even faster while increasing efficiency and saving time.

Here are the additional tools you can find in Auto-Scheduling Pro. You can explore upgrading to Comeet Auto-Scheduling Pro by emailing us.

Automate meeting room reservation

Make it simple to have a meeting room reserved for every interview.

  • Select the meeting rooms that can be reserved for each interview. You also have the option to allow Comeet to automatically select a meeting room in the position's location.

  • Meeting room preferences can be set up on the position level and customized on the candidate level.

  • Candidates will only see availability where at least one of the meeting rooms is available. When the candidate selects a time, the meeting room will be reserved.

Save time scheduling panel interviews

Auto-Scheduling Pro can automate scheduling of interviews with multiple interviewers. When several interviewers are assigned to an interview, the candidate will only see time slots that are available by all interviewers.

Close candidates faster by blocking time for interviews

Do managers at your company tend to be busy? When managers' calendars don't have time for interviews, it not only takes a long time to make a hire — it also costs you losing the best candidates to the competition.

Auto-Scheduling Pro lets you allocate time for interviews in advance, helping you to close candidates faster. Interviewers can block time for interviews by creating an event on their calendar and naming it "Comeet Interviews."

  • Comeet identifies these time blocks as available for interviews and speeds up the hiring process.

  • Time blocks can be one time or recurring events.

  • Time blocks are created and managed directly on the calendar, without needing to log in to Comeet.

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