When Comeet detects duplicate submissions that are not qualified for automatic resolution (based on the company settings), users with permission to solve duplications can resolve the duplicate submissions.

1. To start, click Resolve when the duplication alert is displayed:

2. Comeet will display a comparison of the candidates' details. Determine if both profiles belong to the same person by clicking Same or Different.

3. Comeet will list all the hiring processes of the confirmed duplicates. Determine whether to Continue or Stop each of the hiring processes.

  • A candidate can only be In progress once for each position.

  • If your company policy allows it, you'll be able to choose to continue the process for multiple positions. For more information about adding a candidate to multiple positions please refer to the guide about Considering a candidate for multiple positions.

Note: When a hiring process is stopped, a notification is not sent to the candidate. If you wish to update the candidate about your decision, select to Continue the hiring process. Then, after completing the resolution of duplicate applications, you can Reject the candidate from the candidate profile and send them a notification.

4. Determine the source for each hiring process. You can keep the existing source or change to a different source that submitted the candidate.

If you decided to change the source, please select whether to send an email to notify the source that was replaced about having that candidate in your records. This option is available for sources that receive notifications, such as Agencies and Referrers.

5. When ready, click Confirm and close at the bottom of the screen.

Note: The merging of candidate profiles cannot be undone. In case you need to reverse this action, the merged candidate's profile needs to be created as a new candidate.

6. Duplication resolution history

Navigate to the Positions tab in the candidate's profile. At the bottom of the page you can see the duplication resolution history, including the position name, status and time.

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