Staying in touch with your candidate sources and updating them on a candidate's milestones in the hiring process is one of the keys to successful collaboration with recruiting agencies. Below, you can find the types of updates that can be sent out from Comeet to a candidate's sources and the necessary settings to automate the process.

Please note the following notifications will be sent to referrers as well as to recruiting agencies.

1. Notify source on duplicate candidate

In some cases, the agency might offer a candidate that already exists in your system. One of the steps of duplicate candidates resolution is to decide which candidate profile to continue with and which one to reject. When stopping one of the processes, Comeet will prompt you to notify the selected source on duplication:

For more information on duplicate resolution process, please refer to this guide.

2. Update sources on candidates' progress

Hiring processes might take time, during which Comeet sends out periodic updates to the candidates to notify them they are still in progress for a specific position. The source can be copied on these notification, so the update can be sent to the source as well.

Defining this rule can be done from Templates -> To Candidate -> Periodic Update and selecting CC or BCC -> Candidate Source:

3. Notify sources on candidate rejection

If the candidate was rejected before an interview, the source can be notified automatically using Rejected before an interview template. We recommend to set it to be sent automatically to avoid going through additional steps in the process.

After more advanced steps, you can notify the source manually, by contacting them directly:

Or set up the candidate rejection notification to be sent to the source in CC or BCC:

Please note, using this method will require changing the settings for all rejection templates to candidates.

4. Notify source on hired candidate

Hiring the candidate is great news for all parties involved. Notify your sources about this fact by sending them a notification:

To ensure the notification is being sent, please select one of the sending options in Templates -> To Sources -> Candidate is hired template:

More information on candidate sources and communication:

Manage Candidate Sources

Communicate with Recruiting Agencies

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