Effective communication with your recruiting agencies will allow you to save time and resources in the hiring process. Below, you can find best practices that can make communication more productive.

1. Make sure that the source exists in Comeet and is added to the position:

For more information on managing the sources in Comeet, please refer to this guide.

2. Set main source contact in position

Recruiting agencies may contain different contact points and it's a common practice to have recruiters specializing in a specific industry or occupation. Selecting the main point of contact in the agency will allow you to:

  • Make sure you are referring your communication to the right recruiter in the agency.

  • Communicate with all agencies for the same position at once, using the system email templates.

3. Request candidates

Requesting candidates can be done in bulk from all the agencies at once, using the envelope at the source list header.

  • This bulk action requires main contacts to be selected as shown in P.1.

  • Comeet will use automatic email templates to send out a message regarding new positions/openings and request the candidates.

  • The agencies will be blind copied (BCC'ed) onto the email, so no details are revealed to any one agency about the others.

  • Alternatively, each agency can be contacted individually, as shown below:

For the guidelines on the resume and cover letter formats, please check out this article.

4. Instruct the sources on the procedure and resume format

Comeet uses third-party technology for Resume parsing and populating the information into a candidate's profile. To ensure the correct Resume parsing and populating of the details when receiving them from the agencies, we recommend adding the following instructions to the Request candidates for the position template:

  • The email from the recruiting agency has to contain an attached Resume file.

  • The candidate's resume format should not contain the agency/recruiter name and contact details in the document header or footer. These details can be added as an image to avoid parsing the recruiter's details instead of the candidate's details.

  • The candidate's resume format should not contain the candidate's name and contact details as an image.

5. Request candidate details

The common practice in the working process with recruiting agencies is to get the candidate's CV without contact details and request those only when you are interested in moving on with a specific candidate. Requesting a candidate's details is done by communicating with a specific agency after receiving a candidate who is a good match.

6. Notify sources on closing the position

When closing the position, Comeet will automatically prompt you to notify the position sources about this fact:

The template with the following settings will be used for this notification and will be sent out automatically when you select the option Notify Sources:

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