In case your company does not have an integrated Zoom package with your Comeet account, or uses another video interview software, please follow the below instructions to ensure the candidates and interviewers receive their video interview invites.

Comeet uses two different templates for each interview invitation: One for Interviewers and one for Candidates. Please note that calendar invites will be added automatically.

Invite to Interviewers

  1. Make sure the Note to Interviewers is included in the template attributes by navigating to Templates > Internal use > Invite Interviewer (this needs to be done only once)

2. To add a link to Interviewer's invitation, please use the Note to Interviewers field when scheduling the interview:

Example of an interviewer invite:

Invite to Candidate

Add a link to the Candidate's invitation manually when sending the email out.

Example of a candidate invite:

In addition, a calendar invite will be included in both interviewer and candidate invitations.

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