The Owner role in Comeet grants the ultimate set of permissions that allows its holder access to all parts of the system.

Who can hold an Owner role in Comeet?

The Owner role is considered a recruiting role and requires a paid license. Each pricing plan includes a different number of paid seat licenses. If your company has an unused paid seat license, any Comeet teammate can be assigned an Owner role.

Assigning or reassigning an Owner role:

  • For an existing teammate the owner role can be assigned at any time (by Owner/Admin, given there is a paid license slot available

  • If this is a new member joining the team, please add them to the system first and assign them with Owner role

  • If the system Owner is being replaced and there are no available licenses for recruiting roles, please contact our team at and we will open a temporary license to allow the new Owner to be added. To avoid additional charges, please let the Comeet team know once the transition is complete, and the temporary license will be removed.

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