When you head out of office, use Comeet’s Away Mode to enable message forwarding. Your email messages from candidates and sources will be sent to a selected teammate, so they can fill in for you and continue the conversations.

Enable Away Mode

  1. Click on your photo at the top right, select Personal profile and then the Away mode tab

  2. Set Message forwarding to Enabled

  3. Select the teammate to whom your messages will be forwarded

  4. Click Save

Don't forget to turn message forwarding off when you're back! Just set message forwarding to Disabled.

What happens next?

  • Message forwarding only applies to external conversations over email messages, such as conversations with candidates and sources. The selected teammate can respond to continue the conversations.

  • You will receive all the correspondence to your inbox so you can catch up when you're back.

Note: Internal comments and system notifications about tasks are not forwarded.

Access and permissions

When selecting the teammate who will receive your messages, consider the following:

  • All messages will be forwarded, including messages about discreet positions and other positions that the selected teammate might not have access to.

  • In case a message is related to a position or a candidate that the selected teammate does not have access to, they will still be able to continue the conversation via email but they will not be able to access the position or candidate in Comeet.

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