Comeet's candidate voice surveys candidates to help discover what candidates really think about your hiring process and optimize your candidate experience.

Build a Winning Employer Brand

  • Candidate Experience - Capture feedback and measure success with targeted KPIs.
  • Consistent & Automated - Automate the process of uncovering what candidates think about you.
  • For Managers and Recruiters - Provide immediate feedback to the team and track trends over time.
  • Friendly Chat Experience - Chat-like experience on desktop and mobile.
  • Strengthen Online Reputation - Boost positive Glassdoor reviews to improve the company’s image.

How it works

  1. Candidate completes the hiring process - either hired, rejected or withdrawn.
  2. 24 hours later a feedback request invitation is sent by email, and a follow up reminder when needed.
  3. Candidate Q&A with a chatbot.
  4. Positive candidates (only) are asked to submit Glassdoor review.
  5. Use Comeet's insights to measure and improve your candidate experience.

Friendly Chat Experience

Candidate Voice Reports

Topics covered:

  • Overall Candidate Experience
  • Would Recommend Company
  • Interest in Company
  • Interviewer Preparedness
  • Relevancy of Interview Questions
  • Interviewer Etiquette
  • Scheduling
  • Status Updates
  • Motivation

Rating breakdown by:

  • Recruiter
  • Hiring Manager
  • Department
  • Location
  • Candidate status

Response feed:

Follow on incoming feedback.

Filter options:

Filter by recruiter, hiring manager, department, location, response time and more.

Much more than a survey

  • Anonymous attribution – feedback is associated with managers and recruiters, while maintaining anonymity.
  • Flexible – configure to survey candidates based on position and types of interviews completed.
  • High response rate – friendly chat experience and built-in follow-up reminders incentivize candidates to respond.
  • Increase transparency – request for feedback is sent from Comeet as a third party so candidates share feedback freely.

Get Started

For more information and to add Candidate Voice to your plan - email us.

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