Comeet's candidate voice surveys candidates to help discover what candidates really think about your hiring process and optimize your candidate experience.

Build a Winning Employer Brand

  • Candidate Experience - Capture feedback and rate the experience.
  • Hiring managers and Recruiters - Provide evaluation and feedback to the hiring team from the candidate's perspective.
  • Hiring Process - How did the candidate perceive the hiring process from scheduling to interviews
  • Analyze and Monitor - Compare departments and locations and track how changes to the process impact the candidate experience over time.
  • Easy Setup - Candidate Voice is built-in to the Comeet platform - get started in minutes.
  • Chat Experience - Survey is delivered in a mobile-friendly fun chatbot experience.
  • Strengthen Online Employer Reputation - Positive candidates are encouraged to submit a Glassdoor review about their interview experience.

How it works

  1. Candidate completes the hiring process - either hired, rejected or withdrawn.
  2. 24 hours later a feedback request invitation is sent by email, and a follow up reminder when needed.
  3. Candidate Q&A with a chatbot.
  4. Positive candidates (only) are asked to submit Glassdoor review.
  5. Use Comeet's insights to measure and improve your candidate experience.

Friendly Chat Experience

Get Started

For more information and to add Candidate Voice to your plan - email us.

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