A new norm has emerged in hiring; the Ultimate plan helps your company continue bringing on the best people without skipping a beat. Companies of all sizes can gain more automation, as well as remote-friendly team building tools. With the Ultimate Plan, your business can:

  • Level-up your reputation as a world-class employer by improving the experience of candidates and managers

  • Expand remotely and into new offices, thanks to tools like one-click video interviews that facilitate collaboration and remote interviews

  • Leverage your existing candidate resume database to surface the best and automate your outreach

  • Build and scale HR processes with offer letter approvals, e-signing, and requisition approvals

  • Accelerate growth with more workflow automation and reports tailored to your business

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What You'll Add When Upgrading to Comeet Ultimate

Advanced filters for searching by candidate background

Say hello to additional experience, education and competence filters that will speed you through a large candidate database with more specificity than ever.

Competence in specific skills and languages; education across levels, courses and degrees; and education specifications such as position, company, industry and organizational size, are some of your new filter options. It’s simple now to identify candidates who graduated 2-3 years ago with a specific degree, or people who worked at companies of a certain size and have more than 3 years of experience with a particular skill. Read more

Video interviewing

Comeet video interviews (powered by Zoom) enhance your candidate experience with high-quality audio and video interviews. With just a one-click set up, you will easily connect interviewers and candidates when scheduling with Comeet. Read more


Auto-Scheduling saves time by allowing candidates to select a time for the interview based on the availability of interviewers and meeting rooms.

Read more

Offer approvals and e-signing

No more need for an external E-signing vendor, this time-saver is fully integrated with Comeet. Generate an offer letter, share it internally for approval and finally, send it to the candidate for easy signing with an electronic signature. When you’ve invested the time to identify the perfect candidate, this is how you make an official offer with style. Read more

Requisition approvals

Automate the internal requisition approval process and collect go-aheads from team members. Customize the offer letter & new opening approval process to make sure that everyone who should approve, does. Team members can approve, reject or comment right from their inbox, creating structure and ease when making a hire. Read more

Integration with assessment and sourcing apps

Add Comeet partners to your workflow: one-way video interviews, skills assessment, talent networks, text messaging, including:

  • EasyHire: All-in-one video platform ensures professional job interviews.

  • Woo: Connect with passive candidates exploring opportunities.

  • Avrio: Re-engage past candidates with conversational AI.

  • Jobma: Comprehensive platform for one-way and live video interviews.

And more; we're constantly updating our platform and adding new apps. See all our partners and integrations here.

Comeet Insights' Ultimate Reports

Comeet Insights Ultimate expands your existing reports suite, unlocking access to 10+ dashboards to manage your hiring plan, analyze your KPIs, have the reports you need for management at hand and easily manage your recruiting team. Topics covered:

  • KPIs analysis – Apply to Hire, Time to Hire, Effort per Hire

  • Hiring Plan – Hiring plan for management, Openings approval dashboard

  • Engagement & Performance – Recruiters performance, Team Engagement

  • Workload – Recruiters workload, Team workload

  • Sourcing – Marketing campaigns performance

Read more

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