When new candidates are added, Comeet automatically checks for duplicates by comparing information from new applications to existing candidates in your Comeet database. Duplicate applications can be resolved automatically or manually according to your preferences, which are defined in the company’s settings.

How Comeet Detects Duplicates

Comeet considers several factors to determine whether a candidate is a duplicate:

  • Name – same or similar name, in the same language or another language
  • Email address
  • Phone number – based on the last 9 digits
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Resume content – based on text segments from the resume. Different versions of the same resume with only minor modifications will be identified as duplicates
  • ID number – applies when this field is used by the company

Candidates with the same name will not be considered as duplicates in these cases:

  • Both candidates have an email or phone number and all values are different.
  • Both candidates have ID numbers but the the numbers are different.

Configure Automatic Resolution of Duplicate Submissions

  1. Go to Settings > Process > Automation.
  2. Select when Comeet should auto-resolve duplicate submissions:
  • Option 1 - Allow Comeet to auto-resolve duplicate submissions only when applications are submitted for the same position. Define the maximum number of days between submissions that qualifies for auto-resolve. The source that submitted the first application being resolved will be attributed to the candidate.
  • Option 2 - Allow Comeet to auto-resolve duplicate submissions also when applications are submitted for different positions. Define the maximum number of days between submissions that qualifies for auto-resolve. The candidate will remain in the position to which the first application being resolved was submitted.
  • Option 3 - Disable auto-resolution of duplicate submissions.


  • When duplicate submissions are resolved automatically they are documented in the Activity logs on the candidate profiles. Users are not notified of automatic resolutions.
  • When a candidate applies again after being rejected because the position was closed, Comeet identifies this situation and gives the candidate an opportunity by creating a new candidate profile.

Resolve Duplicates Manually

When Comeet detects duplicate submissions that are not qualified for automatic resolution (based on the company settings), users with permission to solve duplications can resolve the duplicate submissions. To start, click on Resolve on the candidate profile.

Step 1

Comeet will present a comparison of the candidates' details. Determine if both profiles belong to the same person by clicking Same or Different.

Step 2

Comeet will list all the hiring processes of the confirmed duplicates. Determine whether to Continue or Stop each of the hiring processes.

If your company policy allows it, you'll be able to continue the process for multiple positions in parallel. A candidate can only be in process once for an individual position. For more information about adding a candidate to multiple positions see our guide.

Note: when a hiring process is stopped, a notification is not sent to the candidate. If you wish to update the candidate about your decision, select to Continue the hiring process. Then, after completing the resolution of duplicate applications, you can Reject the candidate from the candidate profile and send them a notification.

Step 3

Determine the source for each hiring process. You can keep the existing source or change to a different source that submitted the candidate.

If you decided to change the source then select whether to send an email to notify the source that was replaced that the candidate they submitted was already in your records. This option is available for sources that receive notifications, such as Agencies and Referrers.

Step 4

Review the decisions you made. Click Back to make a change and when you're done click Confirm & Close.

Configure Permissions to Resolve Duplicates

You can define which roles are allowed to resolve duplicates.

  1. Go to Settings > System > Permissions (requires the Owner or Admin role).
  2. Select the roles that can resolve duplicate applications.
  3. Click Save.
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