Comeet interview AI automatically grades and ranks all your candidates based on how well they can do the job. Test job-specific skills, technical skills or soft skills using tailored assessments that are generated instantly and graded automatically.

  • Candidates complete the assessment on their own time.
  • Interviews are graded by AI.
  • Interview includes job-related questions that demonstrate real-world scenarios in the role.
  • Questions can ask for answers spanning video, audio, text, and coding.

How it works

1. Add the Comeet Interview AI step to your position workflow and select the right test for your position. You can preview the assessment before sending it to the candidate by clicking on "Preview".

2. Click "Start" when candidates reach the online interview step to send them an invite message.

3. Candidates complete the online interview in their own time (limited to 4 days). Types of supported questions and answers include: Spreadsheet, Presentation, Document, Code, Multiple Choice, Text, Audio and Video.

Example of a question sent to a candidate:

4. Once the candidate completes the online interview, Comeet's AI will grade the interview and display the score in the evaluation. It takes the AI up to 2 hours to finalize grading the interviews. To view the full interview with the candidate's answers click View and rank answers. We recommend grading responses from 10 interviews in order to improve the scoring by the AI for your position.

Frequently asked questions

How does the AI grade candidates?

  • How a candidate behaves - candidates behavior such as: time to respond, write and edit.
  • What a candidate responds with - Candidates answers are compared to strong responses.
  • Your preferences - When you grade answers our AI learns your preferences.

Where in the workflow is best to put the AI Interview step?
We recommend putting it as the first step in the beginning of the hiring process. This allows to measure candidates based on their actual skills rather than relying on their resume.

How many AI Interview steps can be used in one workflow?

There's no limit, use as many steps as needed.

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