Comeet allows you to consider a candidate for multiple positions at the same time. When doing so, the candidate will have a separate hiring process for each of the positions they are considered for.

Candidate Details

Details on the candidate card are divided into two:

  • Hiring Process – these details are specific to the hiring process and can be edited separately for each process: Source, Salary expectations and Availability.

  • Profile – details that are shared across all hiring processes, like contact information and GDPR status.

Add a Candidate to Another Position

  1. On the candidate's profile, click on the Positions tab.

  2. Click Add to position.

  3. Select the position to which you would like to add the candidate.

  4. Determine which step in the position's workflow you would like to start with.

  5. Select the source for a new hiring process.

  6. Preview the new workflow and click Add.

Manage Hiring Processes

A hiring process begins when the candidate applies for or is added to a position and ends when a decision is made by setting the candidate's status to: Hired, Rejected or Withdrawn.

Seeing all hiring processes

  • The Positions tab on the candidate’s profile provides a single snapshot of current and past hiring processes.

  • The Activity, Evaluation and Questionnaires break down events by hiring process.

Taking actions in different processes

The candidate profile shows the most relevant hiring process according to context, such as the position or task through which the candidate was selected.

If you wish to take actions on another process, go to the Positions tab and click Open next to the corresponding process.

Indications about other processes

When working with a candidate on one position, it is useful to know that the candidate is also being considered for another. Comeet provides the following indications:

  • Candidate profile – an indication is shown at the top of the candidate's profile when the candidate is considered for another position.

  • Scheduling an interview – an indication is shown when the candidate has interviews scheduled for another position.

  • Making a hire – an indication is shown when the candidate is in progress for another position. When the hire is made then the other hiring processes are changed from In-progress to Withdrawn and marked with the disposition reason: Hired for another position.


Who can add a candidate to another position?

Any teammate that has permission to view the candidate.

Who can see if the candidate is associated with another position?

Any teammate that has permission to view the candidate will be able to see the number of positions the candidate is considered for. The position information, however, is only disclosed if the teammate has access to that position.

Can a candidate have a different source for each position?

Yes, each hiring process can be attributed to a different source as part of the Hiring process details.

How many positions can a candidate be considered for?

It depends on your company policy. If you'd like to change this, please reach out to our support team.

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