From an at-a-glance overview to as granular as you need them to be, Comeet Insights Reports empower recruiters and hiring managers to dive deeper into their positions and stay informed about what needs to be done. 

What is Comeet Insights?

While data may be the world’s most valuable resource nowadays, how you refine it to reach insights is even more important! Comeet Insights will allow you to garner insights regarding your own activity as well as providing an overview of recruiting efforts to management.

If you’re just starting with Comeet Insights we suggest you read this short article and watch the following video which will provide you with a great overview of how to enter and use this resource.

Comeet Insights offers two sets of reports:

  • Core Insights – these reports are accessible to recruiting roles at companies with all plans.

  • Ultimate Insights – these reports are accessible to customers on the Comeet Ultimate plan.


 Which reports are included in Comeet Insights?

Core Insights:

  • Hiring Dashboard - an overview of current positions, candidates and activity. Visit daily to see which candidates require attention and stay up to date with current activities.

  • Hires - an overview of hires by location, department and source type

  • Sources - an overview of how sources are performing. Track which sources provide the most qualified candidates.

  • Rejected Candidates - an overview of rejected candidates, rejection reasons and distribution of rejected candidates across departments, sources and positions.

  • Withdrawn Candidates - an overview of withdrawn candidates, withdrawal reasons and distribution of withdrawn candidates across departments, sources and positions.

  • Management \ Dashboard - a high level overview of current positions and openings as well as which are delayed.

  • Management \ Quarterly Overview - a high level overview of hires done over the past quarter as well as delayed hires, time-to-hire and source type metrics.


Ultimate Insights: 

The Ultimate reports provide a deep-dive analysis into different metrics:

  • Apply to Hire – apply to hire times affect candidate experience which we all know is becoming more important in today’s competitive job market. Use this report to deep dive into your apply-to-hire times. View average and median apply to hire times by department, lead recruiter, location and position.

  • Time to Hire – understand your time to hire times in order to be able to reduce them and/or better prepare for the future by knowing how long an opening will take you to fill. View average, median and maximum time to hire times by department, lead recruiter, location and position.

  • Recruiting Team Performance - understand how long hiring processes and steps take by lead recruiter as well as a breakdown by interviewer to help pinpoint underlying causes.

  • Efficiency – understand how efficient your process is. We all know time is money, so are you spending your time interviewing wisely? Understand your interview to hiring ratios to make sure that your screening process is working well by hiring manager, lead recruiter, location, department and position.

  • Referrals – referrals are a great way to find candidates. Per referrer view the number of candidates submitted, how many passed initial screening and how many were hired. 

  • Hiring Plan – if you use the “Expected Hire” field you’ll be able to compare whether you’re ahead-, on-, or behind-schedule with your hiring plan.

  • Offer Acceptance – getting to the offer stage shows that you want the candidate - find out whether candidates also want your company in return. View the offer acceptance rate by department.

  • Current Steps & Tasks - explore an overview of current tasks by position and user.


Need custom reports?

Recruiting challenges vary between companies. If you need additional reports which are not included, Comeet’s Recruiting Analysts can work with you to build the reports you need. This service can be purchased by Comeet customers on the Ultimate package. Contact us for more details.


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