From an at-a-glance overview to as granular as you need them to be, Comeet Insights Reports empower recruiters and hiring managers to dive deeper into their positions and stay informed about what needs to be done. 

Access Reports

  1. Click your company name in the top right-hand corner. 

  2. Click Comeet Insights. Insights reports will open in a new browser tab. 


To export the entire Dashboard as PDF:

  • Click PDF in the top right-hand corner. Due to wide tables, the recommended best practice is to change the paper size to A2 and orientation to Landscape.

To download a section of the Dashboard as an Image, PDF or CSV:

  • Click the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner of a section then click Download

Useful Tips

Recruiters and Hiring Managers should filter the Dashboard to only show relevant positions and candidates. 

  • Filter reports by clicking on a section of a graph such as a pie chart. The recommended best practice is to filter by your name or location. 

  • Access additional filters on the right-hand side. 


An overview of current positions, candidates and activity. Visit daily to see which candidates require attention and stay up to date with current activities. 

The Dashboard answers these questions:

  • Which positions are the team working on?

  • How many new candidates have applied?

  • Which candidates have upcoming interviews or are starting this week?

  • What's the most advance step in the workflow with pending candidates?

  • Which candidates require attention due to inactivity or are awaiting a hiring decision?

Report Walkthrough

  • Open Positions - Open Positions displayed by department, location, lead recruiter and hiring manager.

  • New Starters - Hired candidates with upcoming start dates.

  • Upcoming Interviews - Candidates with upcoming interviews scheduled.

  • Awaiting decision candidates - Candidates that are awaiting a hiring decision.

  • Advanced Candidates - Candidates that have completed 2 or more interview steps.

  • Require Attention - Qualified candidates pending over 4 days with no scheduled interviews.

  • Weekly Activity - Number of candidates that have completed interviews.


An overview of hires by location, department and source type. 

The Hires report answers these questions:

  • How many candidates have been hired?

  • What is the average time to hire and apply to hire?

  • How are new hires distributed across location, department and source type?

Report Walkthrough

  • Total Hires - Number of hires made. Average time to hire and apply to hire.

  • Hires over time - Hires made during the defined time period by location, department and source type.

  • Names Hires Report - New hires and the positions they were hired for.


An overview of how sources are performing. Visit weekly to track which sources provide the most qualified candidates. 

The Sources report answers these questions:

  • How we are my sources performing?

  • How many candidates have sources submitted and what percentage are qualified?

Report Walkthrough

  • Candidates Added by Source Type  - Number of candidates added by source type.

  • Source Performance - Shows the percentage of qualified candidates by source and position.

Rejected/Withdrawn Candidates

An overview of rejected/withdrawn candidates, rejection/withdrawn reasons and distribution of rejected/withdrawn candidates across departments, sources and positions. 

The Rejected Candidates report answers these questions:

  • How many candidates were rejected or withdrew and why?

  • What positions and departments are candidates being rejected or withdrawing from?

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