Create an approval process that can be used company-wide to approve new openings. This functionality is available for companies using Comeet's Ultimate subscription, more information can be found here

  1. Go to the position and click on the openings tab --> New opening

  2. If you’d like or are required to approve the new opening, then select an Approval process. Learn more about Approval Processes.

  3. . Write a note to the approvers to explain the need for this new opening. They will see this note in the approval request.

  4. Click Send for approval.

Approve Openings

An approval request will be emailed to the teammates assigned to the first approval step.

Approvers can select Approve, Don’t Approve or Reply. In the opening’s Approval tab, you can follow the discussion and add comments. Every approver will be notified. Once approved by the approvers in the first approval step, Comeet will manage the process to obtain the number of approvals required in each subsequent approval step. This continues until the opening has been approved by everyone.

If an approver chooses Don’t Approve, the sender will be notified and the status will be changed to Not Approved. The opening can be edited and Resubmitted for approval. If needed, you can select to resend the approval request to an approver by selecting the arrow next to the user’s name and resending.

Approvers can approve openings and add a comment directly from their email. (They don’t have to log into Comeet to do this!)

Edit Openings

1. Click on the opening you’d like to edit.

2. Click Details in the top left-hand corner.

3. Click Edit in the bottom right-hand corner.

4. Edit the details that you’d like to modify.

5. Choose whether the changes made require the opening to be resubmitted for approval. If a new approval is not required, select New approval not required. If a new approval is required select Resubmit for Approval.

6. Click Save.

Comeet will manage the Approval Process as explained above if you choose resubmit for approval.

Close Openings

Plans and budgets can change. If you want to cancel a planned hire, you can close an opening to keep your reports consistent and log the event.

1. Click on the opening you’d like to edit.

2. Click Close in the bottom left-hand corner.

3. Confirm you’d like to close the position by clicking Close (unfilled).

Note: An opening that was closed cannot be reopened.

Delete Openings

You can’t delete an opening that was approved.

1. Click on the opening you’d like to delete.

2. Click Delete opening in the bottom left-hand corner.

3. Confirm that you’d like to delete this opening by clicking Delete.

Make a Hire

When you change a candidate’s status to Hired, a prompt will appear asking you to select which Opening the candidate is being hired for. Select the proper choice and click Hire to complete the change.

Viewing Openings in Reports

Under the Reports tab, you can see a chart of your openings over time. By clicking Openings above the chart, you can view the number of new Openings on the graph view, allowing you to see the volume of openings over time.

By clicking Openings in the position list, you can see the number of Open Openings for any position and the number of openings that were Closed unfilled.

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