Position workflows are sequences of steps that guide the hiring process on the position level. Position workflows coordinate tasks, timelines and organize hiring team activities. Position workflows are built using Step templates

Manage Workflows

Position workflows can be changed at any time. 

1. Select a step template or decide not to use a step template and give your step a name. Creating a custom template is only available if allowed in step template settings.

2. Choose a step type.

  • Go/No-go: A Yes or No decision whether to advance or reject a candidate.

  • Interview: For scheduling and conducting interviews.

  • Administrative: For internal administrative steps.

  • Offer: For generating, approving internally and sending offer letters to candidates. Learn more.

3. For Interview steps, choose:

4. Add Instructions to teammates and instructions to candidate.

5. Add or change participants. Users can complete an interview step after at least one evaluation is submitted.

Note: Candidates inherit a position's workflow. Changes in a position's workflow affects candidates in process unless they already completed the step or their workflow has been customized (lock icon has been unlocked). 

Add/Remove Steps

Add a step by clicking the + Plus sign on the right-hand side of the workflow or by using your cursor to hover between two existing steps to reveal the + Plus sign

To remove a step, use your cursor to hover over the step to be removed then click the X in the top right-hand corner. 

Group/Ungroup as Parallel

Grouping steps as parallel allows them to take place simultaneously. 

Group steps as parallel by using your cursor to hover between two existing steps then click the >ll< symbol to group two steps as parallel. 

Ungroup parallel steps by clicking on the vertical blue line and arrow between steps. 

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