This article explains a new version of the integration with Indeed that is currently being rolled out to customers.

Sponsor your jobs on Indeed from within Comeet. Sponsored jobs are jobs that are promoted by employers and remain high in the search results.

Set up the integration

Setting up the integration with Indeed Sponsored Jobs in Comeet requires an Owner or Admin Company role. Once setup is complete, sponsoring can also be managed by Recruiters and Recruiting Coordinators.

  1. Navigate to: Settings > Sources > Job Boards and enable the Free postings on Indeed by changing Disabled to Automatic. For more best practices related to job boards integrations see our guide.

  2. Under Paid, click Integrate to connect your indeed account. Sign in to your Indeed employer account and follow the instructions on Indeed to complete connecting your account.

After the employer account is connected, you can start sponsoring jobs on Indeed directly from Comeet.

Sponsor jobs on Indeed

1. Open the position that you would like to sponsor and select the Sources tab.

2. Next to Indeed, click Sponsor.

3. Set your monthly budget and confirm. You will only be charged for unique clicks, and if you Close or Unpublish the position, the sponsored campaign will stop.

When the position is sponsored, the paid campaign will be shown as Active.

Note: It takes a few hours for changes in Comeet to be updated on Indeed. Please keep that in mind when posting, sponsoring and making any changes to posted jobs.

Edit your budget

  1. To change the budget for a running campaign, navigate to the Sources tab of the position and click Active > Edit budget. 

  2. Select your monthly budget.

Pause or resume campaign

Navigate to the Sources tab of the position and click Active to see the campaign options:

  • To pause a campaign select Pause campaign.

  • To resume a campaign select Resume campaign.


You can monitor the performance of your paid campaigns. Candidates who apply by clicking on sponsored jobs are associated with a separate source named Indeed Sponsored. This allows you to compare the performance of the sponsored jobs in relation to the free jobs.

  • Position level - see the performance of your paid campaigns on the Sources tab of the position.

  • Company level - see the performance of your paid campaigns in the Sources overview report.

Manage campaigns on Indeed

Additional metrics and management options are available on Indeed. To open your Indeed dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the Sources tab of a currently or previously sponsored position.

  2. Click Job Boards to expand the menu.

  3. Find Indeed Sponsored (Integrated) and click View on Indeed. The Indeed dashboard will open in a new window. If you use a pop-up blocker you'll need to whitelist the domain.

Types of Positions that Require Sponsoring

In some situations Indeed will only allow a job to be posted if it is sponsored using a paid campaign. These include:

  1. General recruitment postings for pool positions (without a specific job opening).

  2. Jobs that don't provide a specific city/state/country location with the exception of remote jobs that align to the specified formatting.

  3. Duplicated postings

  4. Positions from staffing- or recruitment-based companies in the US and Canada.

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