Enable/Disable Candidate Experience Survey

  1. Visit Settings > Candidate Survey.

  2. Choose the interview types that will make a candidate eligible to complete the survey.

  3. Click Save.

Who receives the survey

Once enabled, candidates will be requested to complete the survey via email if they’ve been hired, withdrawn or rejected AND they’ve completed at least one of the interview step types that you selected. This also applies to candidates that have had a status change in the 24 hour period preceding you enabling the survey.

Options for interview types are:

  • Phone, video or in-person interview

  • Video or in-person interview

  • In-person interview

NOTE: Candidates with pending Send notification steps will not be prompted to complete the survey. 

View candidate responses

Completed survey feedback can be exported as a CSV from the reports page or viewed in Recruiting Insights.

  1. Visit Reports > Export.

  2. Click Download to select the attributes you'd like to export.

  3. Click Download again to save as CSV.

Customers with access to Recruiting Insights can see a dashboard that contains feedback from candidates.

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