This report shows completed and pending activity by workflow step to answer these questions:

  • How many candidates passed/rejected/withdrew at each step?

  • How much time does it take to complete each step and where are there bottlenecks?

  • How many candidates are currently at each step of the workflow?

  • Why are candidates rejected or withdraw their application?

Visit weekly to stay up to date on hiring activity, identify bottlenecks in the workflow and analyze pass-through rate by step.

Useful tips

  • Select a single position or a group of similar positions using the Position filter.

  • Use the date filter to filter by: Date of hiring activity. To see candidates in progress select a time period that includes the current date.

Access Report

  1. Click your company name in the top right-hand corner.

  2. Click Reports.

  3. Click on Workflow > Activity.

Main View

The Activity report allows you to clearly identify bottlenecks in your hiring activity. In-progress and On-hold counts are only shown for the current time period. 

  • Step: Identifies the workflow step by name.

  • Candidates Completed step: Number of candidates that completed the step.

  • Time: The average time to complete each step in days. This is marked in red if the average is more than 3 days.

  • Passed: Candidates who advanced in the hiring process regardless of the recommendation they were given. Use this to identify the percentage of candidates needed to pass each step to meet your hiring goal. 

  • Rejected: Candidates whose status was set to rejected regardless of the recommendation they received including candidates who were rejected because a position was closed. 

  • Withdrew: candidates who withdrew themselves from consideration for the position. High volumes of withdrawn candidates may be a cause for concern. 

  • In-progress: Candidates under consideration.

  • On-hold: Candidates who are currently set on-hold. 

Hovering over the i symbol shows the number of candidates that reached the step and outcomes by volume. Candidates can withdraw without completing the step. 

Activity Details

To dive deeper and see an expanded view, click on the row of the step that you wish to investigate further. 

This view displays quantities and specific candidates who arrived at the selected step in the workflow regardless of their previous recommendation. You can view all candidates who completed this step (Passed, Rejected or Withdrawn) as well as candidates with other statuses by clicking on the status. Clicking on Passed, Rejected or Withdrawn provides more information about those decisions.

About status changes: When a Hired, Rejected, or Withdrawn candidate is set to In-progress, Comeet considers the previous status change to be un-done. To preserve the candidate history for auditing or reporting purposes:

  1. Create a new, identical candidate.

  2. Place the candidate into the correct workflow stage.

  3. Merge the new candidate into the existing candidate.

Reached step 

Candidates that arrive to this step in the workflow. 

Quantities of candidates that passed the previous step, as well as candidates that were added to or removed from a step are shown on the right hand side.

Removed: Candidates will appear as Removed if the step was removed from their workflow or if the candidate is a duplicate. Candidates will appear as Added if they did not pass the previous workflow step. For example, a candidate may have had the previous step removed from their workflow.


Candidates, their recommendations and outcome are shown in this view.


Candidates whose status was set to rejected.

Rejection reasons are listed on the left-hand side along with the quantity and percentage of candidates. The right-hand side shows a pie chart of rejection reasons. 

Note: When changing a candidate status to rejected or withdrawn the user is prompted to select which step the candidate last completed. If the user selects a step that has already been completed, the date of the status change  will be assigned the time when the step was completed. 


Candidates whose status was set to withdrawn.

Withdrawn reasons are listed on the left-hand side along with the quantity and percentage of candidates. The right-hand side shows a pie chart of withdrawn reasons.  


Candidates still under consideration. 

Pending steps: A candidate may appear as having multiple pending steps if their current workflow step includes steps grouped as parallel. 


Counts the number of candidates that completed this step during the selected time frame.

Completed total may not equal candidates that are passed, rejected and withdrawn.

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