This report shows a snapshot of your positions, openings and KPIs to answer these questions:

  • How many positions have been opened?

  • What is the average time-to-hire and apply-to-hire?

  • What is the average time-to-onboard?

Visit weekly to review KPIs and activity by position.

Useful tips

  • Select a single position or a group of similar positions using the Position filter.

  • Use the date filter to filter by Date of hiring activity. 

Access Report

  1. Click your company name in the top right-hand corner.

  2. Click Reports.

  3. Positions > Overview is the default home page for reports.


The overview section of this report displays KPI’s and high level info regarding your positions and openings. You can toggle between openings or positions over time. 

About KPIs: Data is highlighted in either green or red based on industry standards. Data in red are areas that may require additional investigation, process improvement and/or team training.


The Positions section provides an at-a-glance summary of your total number of positions including those that are open and on-hold. Positions with openings that were closed-filled or closed-unfilled will populate in the corresponding tabs. Filter this report by clicking on a position status


Track your key performance and progress indicators. This view shows aggregate metrics over the selected time period. 

Status: Current status of the position and openings - Open, On-hold, Closed-filled, or Closed-unfilled.

Openings: Number of openings for the position.

Applied/Added: Number of candidates added/applied to the position during the defined time period.

Hired: Number of candidates hired during the defined time period.

Time to hire: Number of days between the position’s opening date and the candidate’s hire date.

Apply to hire: Number of days between the candidate’s application date and hire date.

Time to onboard: Number of days between the candidate’s hire date and the candidate’s start date.


See an overview of how many candidates have applied, how many are under consideration and how many are no longer being considered to identify which positions require more sourcing efforts and which positions have a high volume of candidates awaiting decisions. This view includes candidates who were moved from the position. The number of candidates is broken down by candidate status. 

When hovering over the list of rejected or withdrawn candidates the totals displayed in the tooltip may be different if a candidate was moved from one position to a different position after being rejected. 

The total shown for Applied/Added includes all candidates added to the position during the selected time period. Hovering over this column displays the candidates that applied or were added.

The number of rejected candidates for a position shows candidates that were rejected in this position and candidates that were rejected in this position but were moved to a different position for consideration. Their status was changed from Rejected to In-progress, On-hold or Awaiting decision in the new position. 

About duplicates: After duplicates are resolved Comeet will only count a candidate once.

About status changes: When a Hired, Rejected, or Withdrawn candidate is set to In-progress, Comeet considers the previous status change to be un-done. To preserve the candidate history for auditing or reporting purposes:

  1. Create a new, identical candidate.

  2. Place the candidate into the correct workflow stage.

  3. Merge the new candidate into the existing candidate.

Activity by step

As a recruiter, every week you’d like to track progress to see how many candidates are in advanced stages, how many completed each step and how many are still waiting. This view shows the number of candidates who completed each step during the selected time period and candidates still under consideration (in-progress, on hold or awaiting decision). Details are broken down by workflow step.

Hovering over completed displays a tooltip with additional details of candidates that completed a step. You can view passed, rejected or withdrawn candidates. 

About pending steps: A candidate appear as having multiple pending steps if their current workflow step includes steps grouped as parallel.

About completed steps:
Candidates and steps completed may be different because candidates can complete several steps with the same name. The tooltip shows which steps were completed.

Hovering over pending displays a tooltip with additional details of candidates that are awaiting action. You can view candidates that have pending action for 3 or more days and require attention.

Activity by type

Visit the Activity by type report to see the number of candidates in advanced stages vs early stages of the hiring process. Hover over the number of candidates to see more details. Details shown are similar to the Activity by step report.

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