The Recruiter manages the entire hiring process from start to finish. One of the most important tasks is building hiring teams for open positions and assigning users to fill various roles. Learn more about how you can get started with Comeet and invite members of your organization by reading this guide.

Position Basics:

  • Create a New Position
  • Position Roles                                                                                                               There are seven possible Position Roles a teammate can have in Comeet, each with their own permissions to access certain actions and data.
  • Manage Position Settings                                                                                        Customize the position settings to better promote, screen and manage candidates. While position settings default to your company settings, they can be customized per position.
  • Change Position Status                                                                                                   When a position is create it is automatically set to Open, however, you can change it be On-Hold and Closed.
  • Manage Position Openings                                                                                             Comeet’s Openings feature allows you to create as many openings as you would like for a certain position, enabling a company to have multiple hires for a single position.
  • Share Positions                                                                                                              Comeet allows users to share open positions with anyone in their social network to help source and recruit candidates effortlessly.
  • Resolve Duplications                                                                                                       Whenever new candidates are added to Comeet, the system automatically checks for duplicates by comparing names, contact information, and resume text

Candidate Basics:

  • Edit a Candidate                                                                                                               In a candidate’s profile, you are given the ability to select Edit, to modify the candidate.
  • Change Candidate Status
  • Tag Candidates                                                                                                                 Candidate tagging makes it easier to classify candidates so they can be quickly retrieved in the future while searching for relevant candidates in your database.
  • Search Candidates                                                                                                          Comeet users with the Admin or Recruiter company role have access to the Advanced Search function.
  • Take Action with Multiple Candidates                                                                             Optimize your work performance by taking action with multiple candidates at once.

Workflow Basics:

  • Manage Candidate Workflow                                                                                         A workflow is a sequence of steps that guide the hiring process. They coordinate timelines, and tasks for the entire hiring team and every candidate.
  • Define the Scorecard                                                                                                       The position scorecard allows you to select the traits that you would like to evaluate candidates on.
  • Add Interview Questions                                                                                          Comeet allows you to create interview questions to use when conducting interviews, so every interviewer can always access the questions you want them to ask.

Sourcing Basics:

  • Comeet Sourcing for Chrome                                                                                         The Comeet extension for LinkedIn is a great tool for recruiters searching for potential prospects on LinkedIn. The Chrome extension allows to easily add prospects directly from LinkedIn to Comeet and notifies if the applicant is already in the system.
  • Create a Candidate Source                                                                                             Candidate Sources allow Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and company executives to identify where their candidates are coming from and the quality of the sources.
  • Tracking Candidate Sources                                                                                           Comeet tracks candidates sources automatically. This data allows recruiters and sources to analyze the quality of their sources and prioritize the various talent acquisition channels.
  • Best Practices for Job Board Sourcing                                                                        With Comeet’s Integrated Job Boards, you can instantly one-click post your new positions and start getting more candidates.

Communication Basics:

  • Email Notifications                                                                                                           Comeet can send you email notifications with your new tasks, as well as, periodic updates about positions you are involved in.
  • Edit Auto Templates                                                                                                         Auto templates are customizable email templates for every step in the hiring process.
  • Create Custom Email Templates                                                                                     Custom templates make life easier whenever you have to send the same message multiple times. For example, sending homework assignments to candidates or asking for references.

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