Comeet allows companies to set referral bonuses for employees upon successful hires. Before an employee shares a position using Comeet or using your company’s careers website, he will be prompted with the referral associated with that position. If your company does not give a bonus for referrals, the prompt will simply say that the employee will “get credit” for his referrals.

Note: If an employee shares your company’s job openings page, he will be prompted based on how the default referrals are configured within your Company Settings.

Company Default Referral Bonus

Users with the Admin or Owner role can access the Company Settings and configure the company’s Default Referral Bonus. To access your company’s referral settings, click on your name in the top right corner –> Company Setting –> Referrals.

By default, Comeet sets the default referral bonus to No bonus, but you can configure the bonus to meet your company’s needs.

Override Default Referral Bonus

Users with the Admin role or a user that is a Recruiter for a position’s hiring team are able to override the company’s default referral bonus. By navigating inside any position –> Setting, the referral bonus can be changed for any specific position. You can select one of the following:

  • Use company’s default

  • Set to… – define a custom bonus for the position

  • No bonus for this position

Restricting Employee Referral

Users with the Admin and Owner company roles can restrict employee referrals to only those who have an email address with your company’s domain. To restrict employee referrals, navigate to your name in the top right corner –> Company Setting –> Basics, and define your Company Email Domain.

Manually Adding a Referrer

If a candidate was added to Comeet without the referrer, you can always manually add a referrer to a candidate by navigating to the candidate –> Edit candidate, and add the name of the employee in the Source field. Click enter, and select the Source type as Referral.

Promote Your New Referral Program

Once you have completed setting up your Employee Referral program in Comeet, please visit our guide to help promote the program to the rest of your company’s employees (even if they do not have a Comeet account!).

Export Bonus Report

Compensate your employee referrers. Visit Export > Referral bonus

  • Export only includes hires whose source is referral or referral paid.

  • Bonus column will include the bonus that was specified in the position or company bonus if the company default was used.

  • If there was a bonus but nothing was defined in the position or company level then it will only say "bonus."

  • Hires made before July 1, 2019, before this feature was introduced will be shown as bonus "unknown"

  • The bonus is defined at the moment of the hire. Meaning any changes made after the hire was made will not be reflected in the report for this specific hire.

  • If the bonus changes while a candidate is still under consideration, the report will reflect the amount at the time of the hire rather than the time of the referral. 

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