This document is intended for informative purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice regarding the GDPR or any other matter, and may not be used or relied on for such purposes.

This guide is part of Comeet’s GDPR compliance options. See the overview here.

Candidates have the right to data portability ( and data access ( Comeet allows you to send candidates a copy of their personal data if requested. An archive (ZIP) file of the selected data can be sent to candidates in an Excel-friendly format (CSV). Please consult with your legal resource regarding the specific data items that you should send candidates if requested.

Enable and configure

  1. Go to your GDPR Settings – Company settings > GDPR (requires Admin or Owner role)

  2. Click Enable

  3. Under the section Data Access & Portability, select the fields and files to be sent to candidates

  4. Click Save

Send data to candidate

  1. On the candidate card, click on GDPR and select “Email profile to candidate

  2. An email message will populate with a ZIP file that will include data that was selected in the GDPR settings. You can edit the message before sending.

  3. Click Send

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