There are seven possible Company Roles a teammate can have in Comeet, each with their own permissions to access certain actions and data. Some of the permissions are customizable on company level and can be changed via the Permission Settings.


  • Owner – Have full access to everything in Comeet: Company Settings, managing teammates, and so on. Owners can see all of the discreet positions.

  • Admin – Have full access to everything in Comeet with the exception of discreet position for which they don’t have a position role.

  • Recruiter – Can see all non-discreet positions, have full access to individual positions for which they are assigned the Recruiter role. Can’t access company settings.

  • Recruiting Coordinator – Manage recruiting for individual positions for which they are assigned the recruiting coordinator role. Recruiting Coordinators can’t access other positions in the company for which they are not assigned a position role.


  • Management – Management can view all positions and candidates and can see reports. Management is an ideal role for a company executive or manager involved in your recruitment processes, but that you would not like to be able to make changes.

  • IT Manager – edit company settings and deactivate teammates that left the company without getting any access to positions and candidates.

  • Teammate – Members have the most basic access in Comeet. Members can be assigned many position roles, like hiring manager, interviewer, and others, while having limited access to the rest of the system. Members are confined to the positions they are assigned to.


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Managing Teammates

⚙︎ indicates that the permission can be customized by the Admin in Company Permission Settings.

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