Once a candidate is scheduled to have an Interview, the interviewer and candidate will receive emails with calendar invitations for the scheduled time. When it’s time for the interviewer to conduct the interview, simply go to My Tasks, click on the candidate being interviewed, and click Start Interview.

Interviewing with Comeet

We optimize candidate interviewing by ensuring everyone asks the right questions and learns everything necessary to inform the hiring decision and select the best candidate. In addition to automating hiring team-candidate communication, we also provide extensive interview prep features that get interviewers ready and confident.

On the left side you have the candidate profile, including the resume and LinkedIn profile. By selecting Brief at the top, the interviewer can see details about the position that the candidate is applying for, as well as a brief created by the company for the interviewer.

On the right side, you have your interview questions and the ability to take notes and record answers. Interview questions can be modified by clicking Edit next to All questions. Comeet allows you to manually add questions, as well as take questions from the question bank. You may also create question sets to aggregate questions for a specific interview type, but this will be covered in a different video. After you ask a question, simply click on the question to mark it as asked, and you can click the thumbs up or thumbs down if it was a good or bad response, and write the response.

After you have completed the interview, click on Evaluate at the top of the page. The only response that you are required to make is the Recommendation, but we encourage you to fill out the other information, as well. This allows other members of your hiring team to review the results of the interview.

Once you have finalized your evaluation, simply click Submit.

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