Comeet allows you to engage your company’s employees, keep them updated about the status of their referrals and inform them of newly published positions with automatic weekly status updates.

Weekly Status Updates to Employees

Employees that submit or refer candidates will receive weekly updates with the status of their referrals and an update about open positions in the company. Update emails are sent according to your settings for timezone and first day of the week.

Status of referrals

Employees will receive a weekly overview of the status of their referrals that are still active in the hiring process or had their status changed during the previous week. The following statuses are supported:

  • Application Received -  Application was received but no action has been taken.

  • Passed initial screening - Candidate passed the first step in the position workflow.

  • Interviewed - Candidate has completed at least one interview and does not have additional scheduled interviews.

  • Interview scheduled - Candidate has an interview scheduled for a future date.

  • Hiring process on hold - Candidate was placed on-hold during the previous week.

  • Withdrew application - Candidates withdrew their application during the previous week.

  • No longer under consideration - Candidate was rejected during the previous week and does not have outstanding messages. 

  • Hired - Candidate was hired.

  • Sorry, was already in our records - Candidate is a duplicate.

NOTE: Comeet makes sure that employees are not notified about the rejection of their referrals before the candidate is notified. 

Open Positions

The message to employees include a list of open positions. This is a way to let employees know about newly opened positions and other positions that are still open and may be an opportunity for a referral bonus. The open positions that are shared with employees are prioritized based on the following criteria:

  • Positions in the same location as the employee based on past referrals made

  • Positions that offer a referral bonus

  • Newly published positions 

NOTE: The candidate’s name is shown if he/she was submitted directly by the employee. If the candidate applied by clicking on a trackable link shared by the employee, then the candidate will be shown as “Social media referral” without their name.

Enable/Disable Weekly Updates to All Employees

  1. Visit Settings > Sourcing > Referral Program (requires Admin or Owner role)

  2. Select Enabled or Disabled

  3. Click Save

  4. View an example email by clicking on "Send me an example"

Enable/Disable Weekly Updates for Individual Employees

Recruiters can enable or disable the weekly updates to users in the company:

  1. Go to Reports > Sources > Overview.

  2. Look for the name of the employee. 

  3. Click on the arrow on the right end of the row.

  4. Select Edit.

  5. Change the weekly updates dropdown to ON or OFF.

  6. Click Save.



Employees can click the Unsubscribe link included in the footer of the weekly update email.

Comeet Users

Employees that are also Comeet users can enable or disable weekly updates in their personal settings:

  1. Click on your photo or Company name in the top right -hand corner.

  2. Select Personal profile > Notifications.

  3. Select or unselect the checkbox for Weekly updates about my referrals.

  4. Click Save.

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