Comeet allows you to define the type for each of your sources. Defining the correct type triggers the correct actions in Comeet and allows for accurate reporting and analysis of sources quality to inform your talent acquisition strategy.


Paid recruiting services. Colored Magenta in reports.

  • After opening a new position, you can easily request added Agencies to submit candidates by navigating to the Position > Sources tab, clicking on the envelope icon in the Agencies row and selecting Request candidates. To request candidates from a specific Agency click on the envelope icon next to the Agency’s name. When receiving candidate’s resume from an Agency without contact details, you can easily request the candidate’s details by clicking on the agency name on the candidate card and selecting Request candidate details.When closing a position, Comeet will ask you whether to notify Agencies which submitted candidates to the position about the closing of the position.


Universities and colleges through referrals and events. Colored Red in reports.

Internal Promotion

Employees taking new jobs in the company. Colored Teal in reports.

  • Employees who apply for positions within the company by clicking on “Apply as an employee” on the company’s website, will be attributed to a source called Employees under Internal Promotion.

Job Boards

Free and paid job postings on job boards. Colored Purple in reports.


Employees who are not compensated for successful referral hires. Colored Green in reports.

Referrer – paid

Employees who are compensated for successful referral hires. Colored Green in reports.

Social Network

Free and paid traffic to social media. Colored Light blue in reports.


Websites that referred candidates to the careers website. Colored Dark blue in reports.

  • When candidates reach your careers website from another website and apply, they will be attributed to a source named after the site that they came from (eg. See our guide for more information about tracking candidates’ sources.


Any other channel that doesn’t apply to previously listed source types. Colored Yellow in reports.

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