The candidate experience survey engages candidates with a series of questions that reveal what they enjoyed and were less impressed with during their interviewing process. For a candidate, responding to the survey is exactly like sending a chat message.

  • Comeet’s chatbot can automatically survey candidates so you obtain meaningful feedback about how to improve your candidate experience.

  • Candidate feedback provides immediate action items to improve communication and your hiring process.

  • Increase Glassdoor reviews and referrals from candidates who had a positive recruiting experience.

  • Hold management and Talent Acquisition leaders accountable for candidate experience and improve over time.

  • Candidate experience metrics reflect your success in attracting the talent you need. These KPIs will tell you!

How it works

  1. Candidate is hired, rejected, or withdraws.

  2. 24 hours later, an invitation to complete the survey is emailed along with follow-up reminders if needed. 

  3. Candidate responds to questions.

  4. Positive candidates asked to submit Glassdoor review on their interview experience.

  5. Gain insight into the candidate experience by viewing feedback.


Can we customize the questions or re-order the questions?

Not currently. The question/answer sequence is fixed.

Why would unsuccessful candidates give us feedback?

You are asking their opinion and people love to tell others what they think. We typically see a 20-30% response rate from candidates that weren’t selected for a position.

What do candidates have to do to use the Comeet bot?

Candidates simply need to click the link provided in their email. If they’re on a desktop, laptop, cellphone or tablet, they can respond via their browser.

How does it look when speaking with a bot?

It looks like text messaging. The experience is exactly like using text, WhatsApp or Messenger.

How do we access the answers from candidates?

Completed survey feedback can be exported as a CSV or viewed in Recruiting Insights.

Are the answers from candidates anonymous?

Yes, always.

Can we look at individual answers?

Yes. You can review individual answers from anonymized respondents.

Other than collecting information, are there any other benefits to using the bot?

More Glassdoor reviews and source referrals. Positive respondents are invited at the end to post a review on Glassdoor and refer people they know to your careers page.

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