Comeet is integrated with several global, regional and specialty job boards. We’ve made it simple, easy and fast to promote your new positions wherever you need to source candidates. You can easily customize job board sourcing by logging into your account and visiting Settings > Sourcing > JobBoards.

Where are the positions posted?

Positions are posted to job boards based on your preference. You can choose to automatically or manually send your positions to job boards that Comeet is integrated with. For best results follow our guide on best practices for job boards.

How long does it take for the position to be updated on a job board after editing it in Comeet?

Any changes to a position, such as updating position details or un-publishing a position, can take up to 24 hours to be reflected on the job board. Update times vary between job boards. When posting a position, you will see a notification indicating how long it will take for the changes to be reflected on your listing.

Is there a way to re-post a position to “refresh” it on the job board?

Changes to the position in Comeet are updated automatically on the job boards and may take up to 24 hours to take effect. There is no option to “refresh” a position on a job board to make it appear as new. Note that if positions are posted again with the same details, job boards typically treat them as duplicates and remove them.

I don’t see the positions I posted.

When posting to job boards, it can take up to 24 hours for the position to go live. Search for the position on the job board to determine whether it is listed. Still can’t find the position on the job board? Please see the next FAQ or contact us.

I have an existing account with a job board. Will my posting from Comeet be included under it?

Most job boards will identify the company based on the company’s name and display the positions from Comeet under the existing company’s account. If the positions are not listed under your account, then you will need to connect your company’s account on the job board to your Comeet account by contacting the job board’s support for more details. You may be asked to provide further verification to link to an existing account.

What happens if I use a job board that isn’t integrated with Comeet?

You can use any job board with Comeet by following these steps:

  1. Create a new source in Comeet by clicking the PLUS icon (in the top bar) > Source.

  2. Add the job board domain (eg. to the source.

  3. When posting a position to a job board, you may choose to have resumes submitted to the unique position email address. Alternately, you can redirect candidates to your hosted or integrated careers website.

When applicants apply, Comeet will automatically attribute them to the source you created.

I have posted a job on a job board and the candidates shown as coming from an Unknown source.

You can easily fix this:

  1. Go to one of the candidates profiles in Comeet

  2. Click Edit

  3. In the source field, type in the name of the source, and select New in the dropdown.

  4. Select the source type.

  5. Comeet will ask you whether to attribute all candidates who were submitted from the same email address with the newly created source. Click Yes to approve.

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