Comeet allows users to share open positions with anyone in their social network to help source and recruit candidates effortlessly. By clicking on the Social icon in any open position, or by visiting your company’s careers page, you can view the integrated sharing options, as well as the trackable link that can be posted or shared anywhere. When a candidate applies for a position using your shared posting or trackable link, your name is recorded as the source of the candidate, to ultimately receive credit for the referral. This feature applies to ALL employees of a company, including those who are non-Comeet users.

Using Comeet to Share Positions

Click on any open position –> Social icon, and you will see the built in sharing options and the trackable link provided for you.

If you are unable to see your built-in sharing options or trackable link, click above to change your position’s visibility from Discreet or Internal, to Published.

Using your Company’s Careers page to Share Positions

Click your name in the top right corner –> Open Careers Website, to visit your company’s careers page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the same built in options and trackable link appear here to share your company’s job openings page. You may also click on any specific job opening and click to share a position from there, as well. If you are a non-Comeet user visiting your company’s careers page for the first time, you will have to click on Employee at… to fill out your full name and work email. This will allow you to share your company’s job openings even if you do not have a Comeet user account. Once you have filled out your information, your information is retained and you may share any of your company’s open positions.

Incorrect or missing information when sharing a position?

If you encounter an issue when sharing to social media, here are some diagnostic options:

  1. Incorrect or incomplete details – If your company uses your own custom careers website (not the Comeet’s Hosted Website) confirm with your technical team that the details required for sharing on social media have been correctly added. For technical instructions, refer to “Sharing Best Practices” here.

  2. Position information is missing when sharing a position for the first time – Comeet needs to learn the location of new positions published on your company’s website if you are using your own custom careers site. You need to visit the position page on your company’s website once before you can share a newly published position. Once the new position page has been viewed, you can go ahead and share the position either from the position page itself or from Comeet.

  3. Image is missing – When sharing a page for the first time, the image may not appear in the preview box of the social network, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. This is default behavior for those systems. If correctly configured, however, the image will be shown with the post.

  4. Incorrect image – If you replace a position’s social image, some social networks may continue to display the previous image. Learn more about refreshing images here.

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