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This guide is part of Comeet’s GDPR compliance options. See the overview here.

As part of your compliance with the GDPR, your company may choose to request the consent of candidates to retain their data for a longer period of time. If you wish to do so, Comeet provides an automated method to request consent and extend the data retention period accordingly.

If candidates consent to having their data retained for a longer period of time, their candidate profiles will be retained for the duration of the consent that you specified, allowing you to more easily contact them about positions in your company. If you choose to request consent, you must configure the data retention period for consent in your GDPR settings and state your data retention period for consent in your privacy notice to candidates.

  1. Go to your GDPR settings in Comeet – Company Settings > GDPR. (this requires an  Admin or Owner role)

  2. Enable Request Consent.

  3. To  request consent by email, click on the template name to open the auto-templates for requesting consent. Revise the templates to fit your needs. To send consent request emails automatically, set to Send automatically.

When you enable request for consent in Comeet, candidates who apply on your careers website will see a checkbox on the application form that allows them to provide consent. The checkbox is unchecked by default. Candidates provide consent by ticking the box and submitting the application .

Note that if you define that only candidates for positions in EU countries are subject to GDPR (see Data Subject) then the consent option on the application form will only appear on application forms for EU positions.

When you enable request for consent in Comeet, two auto-templates are added to your templates settings:

  1. Request consent – outreach – activated 30 days before the data retention period ends.

  2. Request consent – reminder – activated 7 days after the previous message, in case the candidate has not responded and the time retention period was not extended by other means.

Revise the templates to fit your needs. Note that you cannot:

  • Edit the text of the consent and the text that appears on the buttons.

  • Add recipients as CC/BCC to these messages.

You can set the auto-templates to one of the following options:

  1. Don’t send – messages will not be sent automatically but can still be sent manually

  2. Send automatically – messages will be sent automatically. Messages will not be sent if the candidate has received a request for consent or responded to a request for consent within the previous 30 days.

Send request for consent to a single candidate or multiple candidates at once:

  1. On the candidate card – click on GDPR.

  2. Select Request consent from candidate…

  3. You can edit the message before sending.

  4. Click Send.

Candidates may request to withdraw their consent. To specify that a candidate has withdrew their consent:

  1. Go to the candidate profile

  2. Click on GDPR

  3. Select Candidate withdrew consent

Activity log

Events of giving or withdrawing consent are logged in the candidate activity on their profile.


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