Customize the offer letter & new opening approval process to make sure that everyone who should see the candidate offer letter & openings, do. The offer letter & openings will streamline the process creating structure and ease when making a hire.

Access to offer letter & new opening settings is restricted  to the company owner/admin. Access offer letter & new opening settings via the settings tab

Approval processes can be required or optional

Select whether an internal approval is required or optional for the following actions:

  • Sending offer to candidate

  • Publishing new positions

  • Creating new openings

Create an approval process

Create an approval process that can be used company-wide to approve offer letters and new openings. A typical process might require approvals from individuals in Finance, HR, IT and management.

Note: Approvers must be users in Comeet, but they don’t need to log into Comeet to approve or reject an opening or offer letter. They can easily do this directly from their email inbox

  1. Visit the Approval process settings: your Company settings > Offer letters/New Opening > Approval processes.

  2. Click on Add approval process.

  3. Name your approval process to make it distinct. The name could refer to the department or geographic location. Example: US Sales.

  4. Create the first step in the approval process. You may want to specify a specific person in the company (eg. Finance Manager) by typing their name or select a position role such as the Position Hiring Manager role and Comeet will assign it to the right person according to the roles defined in the position’s hiring team. Note: You can include anyone from the CEO to the HR Director in the approval process.

  5. Add as many approval steps as necessary to create your sequence. Within each approval step, you can add one or more approvers. Approvers within the same approval step can approve at the same time as they are not dependent on each other’s approval.

  6. Specify the approvers for each step by selecting specific teammates or choosing one of the following position roles; Hiring Manager, Lead Recruiter, or Lead Recruiting Coordinator.

Note: Decide which steps are required to be completed and how many people need to approve the offer/opening prior to moving to the next person. For example, if you only need one of the two  people in Finance to approve, you add both of them and select: Require 1 of 2. The approval sequence will advance to the next step as soon as one approval is given

  • The Offer Letter or Opening will be approved after the completion of all approval steps.

If at any point you need to delete an approval process, hover your cursor to the right of the approval process and click the X on the right to delete.

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