Burbn became Instagram. Amazin’ Software changed its name to Electronic Arts. Philip Morris became The Altria Group. If you’re planning on changing your company name, Comeet makes it simple to update your recruiting system to accommodate the new branding.

Contact support@comeet.co to request a name change for your company. You must be an Owner to request this change. Once the name change has been processed, your new company name will appear internally to users and externally to applicants.

You may need to take a few more steps to ensure a seamless transition:

  • Contact your agency partners to inform them of your name change.

  • Position email addresses with your old company name will continue to work but new position email addresses will reflect your new company name.

  • You may want to inform any job boards that connect your Comeet positions to an existing profile with their job board. Learn more by visiting Job Board FAQ.

  • Update manual postings with your new company name.

Make sure to update your content, forms and notifications. You may have to update and revise a variety of digital content using your new logo, brand colors and corporate names:

  • Careers website

  • Logos

  • Brand colors

  • Copyright notifications on page footers

  • Screening questions

If your company domain changes, you must edit your settings in Comeet.

  • In Settings > Profile, update your website URL and email domains.

  • In Settings > Sourcing > Careers Website, update your careers website UR.

Have more questions? Contact us at support@comeet.co

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