When candidates apply for a job, there is an opportunity to ask them for important details to expedite the initial screening process, and gather more information about the candidate. You can easily do this with Custom Questionnaires.

Here’s how it works:

  1.     Create a custom questionnaire.

  2.     Enable the questionnaire

  3.     Candidates fill questionnaire

  4.     Review the candidates answers or download a report

 1. Create a custom questionnaire

Click on your name (top-right) and then Questionnaires. Click on Add questionnaire and give it a title. Once titled, you can add a question by simply clicking the plus icon.

You have a few option types for the question. It can be one of the following: short answer, paragraph, multiple choice, drop down or checkboxes.

2. Enable the questionnaire

Once a questionnaire is ready, you have two options in order to employ it to positions. If you want the questionnaire to be seen in the application for every job position, simply choose to enable for All positions.

You can also choose Selected locations and positions and then enable the questionnaire where needed.

To enable for a location navigate to Company Settings > Locations> Questionnaires.

To enable for a specific position go to Position > Settings > Questionnaires. There you will be able to choose which specific questionnaire you would like to add to the application process.

3. Candidates fill questionnaire

Candidates can fill the questionnaires when they apply online or they can follow a link to the questionnaire in the “Thanks for applying” email sent to them. Make sure to visit the Email templates to customize the text of the link to the questionnaires.

Note: the Link to questionnaire placeholder will only be included in the email when the candidate has questionnaires to fill.

4. Review the candidate’s answers

Once a questionnaire is submitted, it will be available for review in the candidate card.

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